This beautiful almost 10 year old baby girl mini me of mine that I love with all my heart…..has been on my extra super challenging, who are you list….the past few weeks. I just know she is going to be one strong super duper leader that Jesus is going to use some day. But wow oh wow lately I have struggled to understand how to parent her attitude!!! I was literally on my knees this morning asking God what to do, how to mother her. I tell you the truth. God said change your plans today. Spend time with me outside. I went to church. Did what had to be done today. I came home and told Paige to put on her matching shirt. We’re having “girl’s adventure day.” We purchased matching hats and went out to a state park and hiked in the rain for hours. We laughed and found weird bugs and snails and we thanked God for all cool things we saw. On the way home we stopped at the silly kid farm. Ladies. God answered my prayer today. He led me to spend honest to God quality time together. My heart is so full. We made a pact to have “girl’s adventure day” each week this summer. Honestly. She’s not an easy baby. She’s as sassy as they come. God answered my prayers today. Goofy, alone, nature time was His answer. Ok God! I’m on it!!!