Enjoy this month’s inspiration from our Director Of Communications, Kim Johnson!


“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”-Ephesians 4:2

Okay, Paul, that’s really nice and all, but have you ever potty-trained a furiously stubborn toddler girl? 

Seriously. My first child (boy) was (in hindsight) a complete breeze to potty-train. One day he woke up and it had just clicked. He went straight from diapers to undies and never looked back. He completely night-trained himself within a couple of days. I was convinced I was absolutely killing it as a parent. 

And then God laughed and laughed and laughed and sent me Riley. 

Lord, did He know this little girl would test every bit of patience I was never blessed with. I have been humbled.

It’s been a full year of potty training. Her third birthday has come and gone and we are still in this constant battle. We’ve tried EVERYTHING.

This beautiful girl of mine is so smart. Knew her alphabet at 1.5. Can do simple addition problems easily. Has the ability to memorize a song or book after just a few listens. But ask this child to use the toilet? Absolutely not. 

I get frustrated very easily. I see this “task” as something so mundane and easy. Heck, I’ve been doing it for 29 years. I absolutely know that she will do all of this on her own time (I’ve been told). I know she won’t go to college in a pull-up (I’ve been told). I’ve spent countless hours on the floor of the bathroom, reading, holding an iPad (judge away), singing songs and even more time lugging around bags with wipes, pull-ups, extra clothes and my humility. 

As I sit here reflecting on how frustrated I get with her when she chooses not to execute this “easy” task, I’m reminded of how many times I choose to not do an “easy” task for God. “Be humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.” How many times am I guilty of not giving patience to others? How many times have I been short with my husband when I had the choice to respond with kindness? How many times has He offered me intense grace and forgiven me when I “have an accident” (see what I did there?). How many times have I chosen to mindlessly scroll social media instead of being in the word? All of these are “easy” things I can be doing to strengthen my relationship with Him. 

It’s my job to show my children God’s love through my words and actions, being humble, patient and grace filled. Am I going to get it right everyday? Heck no, I’m human for Pete’s sake. But will I try super hard to raise patient, humble, loving kids? You betcha Betty!

But, if October comes and we’re not all the way trained…someone please send me wine, pizza and a vacation.