A smart friend once explained God’s plan for our lives as different paths. He lays out the one that’s best for us right in front of us. Life also provides other paths as well. Some that are OK and some that aren’t. Choosing the right path, God’s path, hasn’t always been the choice I’ve made. My guess is you haven’t always either. I’ve taken a few OK paths, plenty of wrong paths, and a few of God’s paths for me to be who I am today. Because even the wrong paths teach us and mold us. And God can use those paths for good. And sometimes, when we really listen to His way and His direction for our life, amazing adventures await us.

I have a good life. I am blessed. I try not to take it for granted. I have the opportunity to do ministry in a loving, mission focused church that has become my family. I love what I do. And yet, in the still quiet times with Jesus I heard him nudging me to do something more. So I told Him I was listening, and over the course of 7 months He laid down this “and then some” path; the path to creating Nurture Her Soul. You see when God has a plan, He gives you everything you need to fulfill it. Here’s some of the “everything” He provided for me: a husband that fully and completely believes in me and believes in God’s plan. My husband was given gifts of unbelievable attention to detail, business sense, incredible work ethic, and a will that never gives up. God knew what I needed in a husband and what talents it would take for this venture. He surrounded me with loving women that come into my home every week for Bible study and provided the inspiration to create Nurture Her Soul. And he gave me extremely supportive friends and parents.

Finally, He gave me free will. He allowed me to take harmful paths. Paths that hurt. Without which, I would never have realized just how much I need Him. And needing God is a beautiful, healing way to live.

What has He given you??? What’s your “and then some”?