So, I just got home from the store where I went with my 9 y.o. daughter to get Valentine cards, candy, and body wash for my teenage boys. My son, who was greatly needing a shower walked in the kitchen where we’re unloading the goods to grab the body wash. But, there was no body wash. I had forgotten something that I went to the store for and had a conversation about literally 2 minutes before leaving for said store. Bummer. I wish this was the only time in the last week that this has happened, however it is absolutely not. I know…I should have put it on a sticky note, wrote it in my notes on my phone, even ask my daughter to remind me at the store. However, I didn’t do these things thinking that it cannot be that difficult to remember 4 items at a store! What is my 40 year old self’s problem? Do you ever get frustrated with yourself? How can something so silly like forgetting smelly good body wash make me question if I have a much bigger problem going on. My guess is that there are others of you out there like me who have forgotten an item at a store. And I’m guessing you came home and questioned your worthiness as a human being with amazing storage in our brain. I’m sure I could turn this into a much bigger lesson on having grace for myself, and I could find a fantastic Bible verse to back up the fact that God adores me even when I forget things. But this is what I have to say about this: I am so glad that God loves me anyway, and that my son just rolled his eyes at me and smiled. Grace abounds!!