SEEKING all the things…..including YOUR writing!

Many of you might choose a word for each year.  This is my first year doing this, and it’s taken some time to reflect and journal and pray through my choice.  I listened to some women I trust and adore share about the reasoning behind choosing a word for your year.  At the start of the choosing process I initially had 26 words written down.  Over the course of the past few weeks, I have my word: SEEK.  This year, I will attempt to view my decisions and choices through the intention of SEEKING God’s best for my life always, but particularly in the following areas:

SEEK God’s best for my marriage and in my relationships with my kids.

SEEK only opportunities that are God honoring.

SEEK honest physical and emotional health as I continue the “Get Real Journey.”

SEEK new possibilities and be open to God’s direction.Seekfgffg

So literally seek God’s will in all things.  I realize this will not always be easy.  Sometimes God’s way doesn’t mean it’s the easy, most comfortable way.  Sometimes it feels rough and too hard.  So I will SEEK anyway, trusting that through it all, His way is always the best way.  I have zero doubt I will mess up, and sometimes choose the easier way rather than God’s way, and I also have zero doubt that God allows for this and gives us abundant grace in all things.

**Lastly, we want to intentionally SEEK opportunities for our Nurture Her Soul community to share with each other.  One way we will begin to encourage this is by opening up our “Inspirations” page on our website for YOUR blog posts monthly, or possibly even weekly!  Do you want to share the way God has been working in your life, your testimony, what you’re learning about God’s best for your life? Maybe you want to share something funny that’s happened lately…the bottom line is that we want to hear about your life and where you are seeing and SEEKING God in the midst of it.

We are accepting blogs (a conversation with girlfriends put into writing) starting now.  Please keep them under 650 words.  You can send them via email to or private message us on Facebook.  If you’ve never read our past “Inspirations,” check them out at  We will contact you directly if your blog post was chosen! And if your blog is chosen, we will also want you to send us a picture of you, your family, your subject matter, whatever!….to be featured as part of your guest blog!