Topic: Preparing Your Heart for the Holidays

The holidays are often the busiest, most chaotic time of year. This time of year can also bring up past hurts and broken relationships. It can also be a wonderful, beautiful, celebratory time of year! Mandy uses some extra hilarity during this event that will put all the challenges and fun parts of the holidays into perspective and help you prepare your heart and soul for the holidays.

What people are saying…

It was a fun event. Nice to have a venue and reason to gather Christian women together and look at the Word.

Once again I loved it. You brought a little healing to me once again.

You did awesome! Loved everything and learned a lot.

I loved listening to Mandy share about her life. I can really relate to a lot of things and it really helped me not be as stressed and unsure about the outcome.

Good message, I enjoyed hearing all the Bible verses and how you related them to God’s Plan. The music was great! All very well organized.

I thought 3 hours would be long, but you did a great job planning. It flew by! Great message! Great event!

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Preparing Your Heart for the Holidays

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