Topic: Rest and Revival

“I’m exhausted, I’m anxious, I’m stressed.” How many times a week do you feel this way? We’ll explore what it means to get true rest; Biblical rest. How do we get the rest we need, and can God provide this kind of rest to us? Revival will also be studied; how God provides revival in your life, and what we need to do to get it!

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What people are saying…

It was a fun event. Nice to have a venue and reason to gather Christian women together and look at the Word.

Once again I loved it. You brought a little healing to me once again.

You did awesome! Loved everything and learned a lot.

I loved listening to Mandy share about her life. I can really relate to a lot of things and it really helped me not be as stressed and unsure about the outcome.

Good message, I enjoyed hearing all the Bible verses and how you related them to God’s Plan. The music was great! All very well organized.

I thought 3 hours would be long, but you did a great job planning. It flew by! Great message! Great event!

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Rest and Revival

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