This event was an amazing and spiritually fulfilling evening for me. I thoroughly enjoyed your energy and will be back!
Lori BMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
This was an AMAZING event. I'm so glad my sister invited me and God put it on my heart to attend. Great worship, teaching. and meeting new people!
UnknownMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
I love the concept. Good topic & thought-provoking. Good energy & Christian love in the room. Honest speaker. Really liked scripture referenced - also liked last section a lot.
UnknownMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
Truly a much needed, amazing event!!! Thanks for not only sharing God's word, but also of yourself and your story! ....Thanks for being real!
Jessica- Northfield, MNMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
God has blessed you with many gifts. Thanks for sharing with others.
Gayle - Cedar RapidsMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
Forgiveness has been a problem for me for a long time. Things spoken tonight touched my heart.
UnknownMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
Excellent topic/use of scripture to cement validity of why to forgive. Object lesson was good. Great time for ladies to laugh together. Fun ice breakers. Thank you for your ministry!
TessMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
Had fun! Loved the games. Nice mix of The Word and fun! Loved it!
UnknownMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
This was an incredible night to be a woman. Love that Mandy is so real and honest.
PJ - Cedar RapidsMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
Very good! So relate able, down to earth. Mandy's passion and message are contagious.
UnknownMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
Loved your energy and your message was spot-on! Look forward to hearing about more of these events.
Tina F May 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
The host, Mandy, was super likable and had great energy!
LaurenMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
Very enjoyable! Enjoyed the games. Touched my emotions and made me think. Keep spreading the word!
UnknownMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
I had a great time! The last segment, "Forgive God", went with what I literally went over with myself this morning. (John 9: 1-3)
Amy R - Newton, IAMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
A fun and inspiring evening. I would tell others to attend!
UnknownMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
Beautiful job! What a blessing to experience this toward the end of a long week. Thank you, Mandy!
UnknownMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
Great job Mandy. You made it very entertaining and I enjoyed the evening.  I love how you break down the Bible and make it easier.
UnknownMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
Thank you so much for this event tonight! My girlfriends and i had no idea what to expect....and boy did we have fun! God's love and grace is sooooo amazing! Living with Jesus in our hearts gets so hard in our world. Struggles are real! but, if we remember that we are the prize in God's cereal box of life.....man, its an amazing feeling. Thanks for the reminder if this and so much more!!! Congrats on your first event--such an honor to be part of it! Blessed beyond measure,
Dayna J - Cedar RapidsMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
I thought it was a very wonderful, fun evening. Great ideas - the speaker was real - loved her.
Brenda KMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
Fantastic! Easy to understand - great Christian laughter.
UnknownMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness
Very soul-searching. Thank you for speaking to us as if one friend was talking to another - down to earth. How refreshing, your analogies.
UnknownMay 4, 2017 - Forgiveness