A few days ago (which actually happened a few weeks ago, I just posted late), I posted about desperately praying for direction to help my almost 10 year old baby girl become more of the person God created her to be. All of our kids are so different, and Paige being the youngest, tends to act out the most. We look so much alike, and yet I find myself praying for direction on how to parent her sometimes hourly! I know the verse in Proverbs 22:6 says to “train up a child in the way she should go and when she is old she will not turn from it.” I believe that with my whole heart, but honestly sweet Jesus of mine, some days it’s hard to tell that we’ve attempted to teach her the way she should go! But here’s the thing. I believe we’re trying our best…most days! She loves our Jesus. Praise God! Respect and understanding comes harder some days. So, the answer God gave me for this summer is to spend one full day each week doing something adventurous. We’ve named them “girl adventure days” and today was kayaking. Away from TV and friends and everything except Paige and me and Jesus. God answered my prayer for direction on how to parent her, at least this one day a week!;)

This life stuff. Daily stuff. Good, hard, laughs and tears stuff we call daily life is why we created Nurture Her Soul. To give us ladies time together. To refresh, connect, and nourish our souls with girl time and Jesus time. Cause without our Jesus and our girlfriends this life wouldn’t be do-able! Hugs to all you ladies in different seasons of life getting through each day running hard after God’s direction!!