Soulinars – Video Bible Studies

Mandy has been doing bible studies in her home for over 10 years. And watching one of our online bible study series – what we affectionately call a “Soulinar”, you will feel like you’re having a conversation with a girlfriend as you watch each session. Soulinar video Bible Studies can be watched alone or with your small group in an easy to use format. Mandy presents each topic in a very real, relatable way with strong Biblical teaching.

Every video series typically includes 5 videos, each about 20 minutes long, with a downloadable study guide. You can watch each video within a series as fast as you want and as often as you want. Or if you are in a group bible study, you may want to watch one video per week and have a group discussion about each video with the study guide.

Click on each Soulinar subject for a free, short video description, and check back often as we continue to add new Soulinar subjects!

Soulinar: Forgiveness

Mandy McCleary

Forgiveness can be hard. Join Mandy as we take a closer look into the Bible’s teachings on this topic.

$25.00 – $45.00

Soulinar: God’s Plan

Mandy McCleary

What is God’s plan for your life? Let’s learn together how God can do immeasurably more than we ever imagined.

$25.00 – $45.00

What people are saying…

Once again I loved it. You brought a little healing to me once again.

You did awesome! Loved everything and learned a lot.

I loved listening to Mandy share about her life. I can really relate to a lot of things and it really helped me not be as stressed and unsure about the outcome.

“There’s a big difference between feelings and truth. Sometimes they don’t match. Just because you don’t feel loved, doesn’t mean you aren’t loved!”

Mandy McCleary, Nurture Her Soul